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Aged Care Finance Solutions

Aged Care Loan Advice - We Come To You Call 1300 243 356 

"We thought selling the family home was the only way to pay for mum's aged care costs. We were confused by the new rules; should we pay the RAD or the DAP?

Aged Care Finance Solutions provided us with solutions to keep the family home, pay for mum's aged care and retain her Centrelink pension. They made what was a stressful situation so much easier providing support every step of the way".

Aged Care Loans are designed to assist those entering Aged Care to borrow funds against the security of the family home.

These loans are of particular value when a family member needs to remain living in the family home, or there is a particular desire to retain the family home.

The Loans can be drawn as

· Lump Sum (i.e Pay the Refundable Accommodation Deposit)

· Regular Instalments (pay Daily Accomodation Payment and other fees)

· Or as a combination of both

· Use funds to prepare the home for sale